Paradise on Air Mission 2006

Thanks to the JA stations wich turn the 10m antennas away from NA or EU into indian ocean area. I got 2 good 10m openings into your evening.

BTW, Asia you was always loud and clear when you turn your antennas to Mauritius.

Thanks to some dozend NA stations to copy my 100W signal on 40 and 30m around 12/13z. I wish that more NA trying to be QRV on lower bands this time.

SA and OC you are so near to 3B8, but each SA/OC callsign was a RARE ONE.

Europe is not far away and always QRV. Thanks for about 75% of the QSOs. A bit more discipline , than you will have 80%.

As you know, I'm not often QRV in SSB mode. But I had a lot of fun while  operateing on 15m. Please, forget the "last two letter procedure". Just send full callsigns. Thats more effective.

80m band was very, very noise. A normal day (night) has a S7-8 level. This year, mostly noise level was S9 and over! So it was a hard job to be on 80m. Maybe on EU-side it was easier to copy my 300W signal.

Unbelievable how many stations tryed to make DUPES. Sometimes I hrd 3-5 in series. Unbelievable, because I've send out my callsign after (nearly) each successful QSO.

"Best" dupe-country in 2006 was: UR, UA, SP, OK.

Please understand: while the noise is very high I've try to pick up a single callsign and after 1-2 minutes  I find out "..a dupe.." next is again a dupe a.s.o. ... this decrease the fun to operate on a noise band (i.e. 7MHz).

It's better for both sides of pile-up ... take your time for a minute or 2 and check the past days in your log book if you worked the DX before or not.


3B8MM - without 1% dupes
more dupes has been prevented be4 logging (approx. 3%)
           SSB      CW    RTTY   PSK31    band
   80m      22     196       0       0     218
   40m      92    1903       0      11    2006
   30m       0     859       0       0     859
   20m      71     728      19      13     831
   17m      27     364       0       3     394
   15m     636     242       0      19     897
   12m      77      75       0       0     152
   10m      55     186       0       0     241
  mode     980    4553      19      46    5598
 1-Band QSOs:      3371
 2-Band QSOs:       622
 3-Band QSOs:       184
 4-Band QSOs:        54
 5-Band QSOs:        15
 6-Band QSOs:         4
 7-Band QSOs:         1

Noise-Level on 80m (without RFAmp about S7)

Nice place:  Le Val - Mauritius

updated: JUNE 2006, DL6UAA